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We value our patients' experience at Dvora Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Yaniv Jay Dvora
Your Simi Valley Chiropractor

Sam G. (... continued)

... He has really helped my chronic back and neck problems as well as my terrible TMJ problems. Dr. Dvora has a superb bedside manner and he is great to be around. He is a natural teacher and has shown me a great deal of exercises and stretches that I can perform in my own time. I have never felt better and have highly recommended this exceptional doctor to all my friends and family!

Odile M. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  12/1/2013

This is a WONDERFUL place! Dr.Dvora really care for his patients and he is an outstanding chiropractor. He is always trying to find new ways to help the patient feel better. Everybody in This office is very friendly and accommodating. Another feature i love that I haven't found anywhere else is the massage table where you get a 10 minutes massage as a bonus every single time without being charge one extra penny! I highly recommend the Dvora Family Chiropractic. It is the BEST!

Ayelet N. (Canoga Park, CA)  -  12/8/13

I have been seeing Dr. Dvora for quite some time now regarding my off and on low back and sciatic pain. Dr. Dvora is very knowledgable, he has a great personality and an excellent bedside manner. By the way, his massage therapist Cindy is outstanding with a warm personality and gives a wonderful therapeutic massage!

Cortney R. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  12/15/13

If you are in need of chiropractic services, look no further. Dvora family chiropractic is the place to go.
You get in and out quickly. The office will work with you by making appt or walk in are ALWAYS welcomed.

This office does more then treat back and neck pain. Headaches and migraines can be treated.
They do a great job and really listen to you. I can say a million great things, but to the point, this office is rocks and you will not regret your decision to give them a try.

One last note, they have a massage therapist is office who is also Amazing. Next time you need to be put back together call their office!!!!

Donald O. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  1/20/14

Clean, friendly, and quality service. You won't be disappointed. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, massages, etc... Jay Dvora is your man.

Tony F. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  2/6/14

When I was seeking therapy I asked my insurance for a list of names. I went to several different places. I wanted to in... so many words interview them , first to find out if they could help me with what I needed and second if I felt comfortable with the staff . Several places I visited treated me like a number. They where actually surprised and maybe a little uncomfortable that I was visiting the office with questions. When I got to Dvora chiropractic I was greeted with a warm smile from the receptionist. She got it.... she understood what I was doing . She fit me in right away and I talked with Dr D. All I can say is Dr Jay Dora and his staff are Awesome. They scheduled me with Cindy for deep tissue therapy and she has helped me a great deal in just my first few visits. I'm very thankful for them, their service and their ability too accomplish my goals of healing.

Marisol J. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  2/8/14

Dr. Dvora is a caring and knowledgeable doctor and his staff makes you feel like family. I came in with chronic bursitis of the hip and he did wonders for me. His hours were convenient and he was always willing to work with your schedule. I recently moved to Florida but I have recommended Dr. Dvora to all my Californian friends.

LRon L. (Sherman Oaks, CA)  -  2/9/14

I use to be reluctant to go to a chiropractor until I was referred to Dr. Jay. His level of patience when dealing w my tenseness really kept me calm. He is very professional and I felt amazing when I left. Im thinking chiropractic visits will be part of my monthly routine. Thank you to Dr. Jay and his staff!

Tom P. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  2/28/14

Great place. Everyone is super friendly, and I got the relief that I was looking for. Also was given some stretches and just great information overall

Marsha G. (Glendale, CA)  -  3/2/14

I fell down at a restaurant while on vacation in San Diego and really hurt my knees badly. When I returned home I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Dvora and wow my knee pain went from a 10 down to a 2. I went back to see Dr. Dvora several times for my knee problem and it completely resolved. The best thing about Dr. Dvora is that he does not rush things along, he takes his time with patients and his suggestions for what to do at home to resolve my problem were really helpful. He is definitely my go to chiropractor forever!

Roy J. (North Hollywood, CA)  -  3/19/14

Dr. Dvora is literally the best!! I've suffered from a nerve pain in my upper leg area and could not sleep at night. For... a while I've been tossing and turning and felt extremely hopeless..I've seen Dr. Dvora for my first session and was first very pleased with a how neat his practice is and the overall atmosphere. After my first session I honestly could not believe that 95% of my pain went away!! I called the office the next day to thank Dr. Dvora for his care and of course did not finish the call without setting up my next appointment. :)

Donald O. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  6/16/14

Had the opportunity of getting a therapeutic massage from Cindy. What a great massage therapist. Her experience and professionalism really show as she works on the problem areas in your body. This is only my second massage and I gotta say it was not uncomfortable at all. In fact it was very soothing and relaxing. Her touch was not too hard and not too soft. It was just right. If it wasn't for my chatter, I would have totally fell asleep. For $45 an hour for the first visit and $55 thereafter, this is a steal.

Anne Marie B. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  6/21/14

Dr. Dvora alleviated my lower back pain that I suffer from an old knee injury. His office is very clean and inviting. The assistant, Jennifer, is extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Dvora offered me great recommendations for stretching and also ergonomic recommendations.

Towards the end of my appointment, I laid on a "rolling bed" which is basically a heated awesome back massage table. I almost fell asleep because it is very relaxing
: )

I highly recommend this business if you're looking for a fantastic Chiropractor.

Jeannette C. (Simi Valley, CA)  -  6/26/14

I have never been to a Chiropractor before so to say I was a little nervous and unsettled is an understatement. Dr. Dvora was recommended by my insurance and I decided to go based on the amazing reviews on yelp. I was very impressed with the whole process. Jennifer and Dr. Dvora were very friendly and professional. I fell so much better after my first visit and look forward to my next apt. I have nothing but possitive things to say and highly recommend Dvora Family Chiropractic!!!

Yo A. (Woodland Hills, CA) - 8/4/14

Dr. Dvora has a magic touch when it comes to chiropractic treatment. I have been to quite a few chiropractors due to some whacked out lower back problems that i have... and he is the only doctor that has helped me really address it.

Chiropractic treatment is a very delicate practice and it's no joke when it comes to adjusting ones spine, neck etc. It is absolutely crucial that a patient feels comfortable and confident in their doctors ability and Dr. Dvora delivers! An absolute professional.

To any one who is skeptical, I would give Dr. Dvora a shot!

Jay K. (Simi Valley, CA) - 8/13/14

Dr. Dvora has been able to resolve my lower back problems. He has used a comprehensive solution which included adjustments, ultrasound, muscle therapy, strength training exercises and flexibility exercises. I now go to Dr. Dvora on a consistent basis.

Not only is he helped my back problems. He has a great bedside manner. He explains everything to you and I feel truly cares about your well-being. His office staff is also fantastic.

Roger L. (Thousand Oaks, CA) - 9/6/14

Thank you Dr. Dvora and staff for always having such a friendly and welcoming attitude.

Dr. Dvora makes you feel like you are talking to a friend that cares about you and he always asks if you are comfortable before any adjustments are made.

Orlando M. (Los Angeles, CA) – 10/18/14

I recently injured my lower back and was a bit worry about the extent of my injury when I paid a visit to Dr. Jay. But, Dr. Jay put me at ease by sharing with me his professional knowledge and treating me on such short-notice. Then, he followed up with me after my appointment to see how I was feeling and shared a few tips on how to cope and alleviate my pain; I really appreciated his care and concern.

I highly recommend Dr. Jay and his staff for their professionalism, flexible, and friendly atmosphere.

Kandace Z. (Simi Valley, CA) – 11/11/14

I got in a head on collision back in June, had limited mobility in both my neck and shoulder. Was referred to Dvora Family Chiropractic care. Very professional kind staff, they go the extra mile to help. The chiropractor (Jay) is a great guy with loads of knowledge. Within the first month of regular visits I started to gain mobility back in my shoulder and neck which, Jay also let me know the importance of stretching and regular limited exercise which sped my recovery up. I love the roller table, ultra sound, and massage therapies. Overall a great place, highly recommend to anyone in need of a great chiropractor!

Ironic E. (Simi Valley, CA) - 3/2/15

I have been to many Chiropractors, and Dr. Dvora I have to say is one of the best.
His prices are very fair, and his treatments are even better.  He's got the perfect touch when adjusting my back and neck. I found the Roller Massage table to be quite soothing after an adjustment. I always walk away from his treatments feeling refreshed and painless. I will continue to be a satisfied client.

I highly recommend Dr. Dvora for your Chiropractic Needs!

David R. (Simi Valley, CA) - 5/23/15

I probably shouldn't be leaving a review since I have never been a patient of Dr. Dvora, however, my wife is.  She has had nothing but good things to say about this place and continues her monthly treatments without fail.  She always feels great when she leaves Dr. Dvora's office.

Daniel M. (Simi Valley, CA) - 5/31/15

I owe mobility to Dr. Dvora! I've darn near had two crawl in twice this year! Two herniated discs, debilitating neck pain and lower back issues with my right leg numb from my knee down to my toes. Visit one result, improved mobility reduced pain. Visit two result, free mobility reduced pain. Visit three result, no more pain! The man and his crew are miracle workers!

Thank you Doc!

Tami D. (Simi Valley, CA) - 6/3/15

Dr. Dvora has been very helpful with his chiropractic therapy.  My neck and ankle were very sore and in need of serious rehab.  His hands on care has greatly assisted to a speedy recovery and his daily regiments of applying heat & ice, with proper stretching have kept me in line for continued recovery & comfort.  I highly recommend him as a first class chiropractor!

Mary W. (Newbury Park, CA) - 7/16/15

Dr. Dvora has simply been the best for my Chiropractic needs. He really takes the time to listen to my needs and where I feel the most pain which is my neck & shoulders. My profession is pet grooming so I'm constantly handling big dogs and on my feet daily for long periods of time and  I have been in serve pain for a long time now and seeing him on a regular basis has helped me beyond words and feeling comfortable more and more everyday. He is very friendly and extremely professional. I recommend him 100%.

Alan G. (Glendale, CA) - 8/13/15

I have been seeing Dr. Dvora for about three months now and I didn't think I could ever feel "normal" again. I was shocked that I have the chance for rehabilitation and that I don't have to live with chronic headaches and neck pain. Dr. Dvora has been attentive to my concerns and has been flexible with me to make sure I get the best and most appropriate care for my condition. He listens to my concerns and is patient through the ups and downs of recovery. He keeps me informed and is honest with me. The staff is always extremely friendly and welcoming and it is incredibly easy to get an appointment. Needing and receiving chiropractic care isn't fun by nature, but if you have to do it, do it at Dvora Family Chiropractic.

Tami D. (Simi Valley, CA) - 11/2/15

Just "threw-out" my back a week ago... After seeing Dr. Dvora for a few visits my low back feels much better than it did prior to the onset of my low back pain. Thank you Dr. Dvora for your thorough chiropractic work!

Lynda P. (Simi Valley, CA) - 11/30/15

THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!!! If u want kindness, plesantry, AMAZING DC AND MASSAGE THERAPIST (Robin), this is the place!!

Almost didn't go in as front curb appeal not the best, but don't let that keep u out! What they lack in curb appeal they more than make up by their experience, kindness and decor inside.

I don't normally do Yelp comments, but I so believe in Dr. DVORA and Robin (the best massage therapist EVER), I had to post this.

Randy F. (Simi Valley, CA) - 12/12/15

I had been getting chiropractic care on my back for years, when my longtime Doctor moved away I was worried about getting the same kind care I was used to. Dr. Dvora was recommended to me by one of my customers so I took a chance and wow, while my expert care did not skip a beat his personal relationship with you goes beyond expectations!! After discussing back exercises he even emailed me the diagrams and instructions instead of me having to look them up, this guy cares about you! Also when you go in for a visit he takes all the time you need for questions and answers. He's a breath of fresh air for a doctor, I HIGHLY recommend him!

Scott L. (Simi Valley, CA) - 12/20/15

This is the friendliest and most professional medical office I have ever been to. From the moment I walked in, I felt like family. There was genuine concern with my problem and through a series of treatments, I was healed. Although my insurance covered my visits with the exception of my copay, I would have paid out of pocket. I never write Yelp reviews, but Dr. Dvora is worth it.

Ammar A. (Simi Valley, CA) - 12/28/15

This place is exactly what I was looking for in a chiropractic office when I recently moved to Simi Valley.  
The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  You can pretty much get an appointment at a moment's notice.
I had cervical fusion surgery 2 years ago, and my neck gets very tight on a regular basis.  I needed a chiropractor that can adjust my neck, but at the same time is gentle enough to not exert too much pressure post-surgery. Dr. Dvora is just that.

1.  He 1st prepares me for the adjustment, 15 min. prior on a rolling table that heats and massages my back and neck to loosen them up.
2.  He then performs the adjustment.
3.  Post adjustment I get a 45 min. massage with Robin

Robin is very pleasant, and knows how to find those tight spots.  She exerts just the right amount of pressure to loosen the tight spots, but not make you uncomfortable.  
This approach has worked incredibly well for me.

I give Dvora Family Chiropractic 5 Stars!

Kevin K. (Simi Valley, CA) - 1/5/16

I've been seeing Dr. Dvora since he started in Simi Valley for Back Maintenance on average about once a month. Because I'm in the construction trades, I truly believe his therapy has helped me to maintain flexibility to keep from having a serious problem.  He has always been accommodating for and never once said "no" he's too busy. Dr. Dvora always seems genuinely concerned and has treated me almost like family every time I have come in. Recently, when I did have a stiffness problem, he had me come in when the office was closed on one of  his "catch up days".  After just  a few visits, I was genuinely doing better. I would highly recommend Dr. Dvora's Chiropractic services to anyone.

Mark K. (Granada Hills, CA) - 1/13/16

I was impressed by his professionalism. He has a friendly staff. The receptionist {Marina} goes out of her way to assist and makes you fell at home. Dr. Dvora has really helped me. I have had back problems on and off for 20 years, but I started seeing Dr. Dvora a few months ago and my back pain has gone from severe to almost completely gone.  I have seen many chiropractors in the Simi Valley area, but Dr Dvora is the best because I have seen clear results in his treatments.

Jimmy A. (Newbury Park, CA) - 1/29/16

I was referred to Dr. Dvora by a friend due to a back injury. Let me just say, Dr Dvora's chiropractic office is the CLEANEST, MOST PROFESSIONAL, and MOST FRIENDLY, chiropractic office I had ever gone to!!!!  Dr. Dvora and is assistant, Marina, were SO WELCOMING  and made me feel SO CONFORTABLE!!! I would recommend  Dr. Dvora to any and all!!!!!

Cassandra K. (Simi Valley, CA) - 2/5/16

Today was my first time at Dvora chiropractic, and my first time going to a chiropractor. I chose Dvora's because of their amazing reviews and to support a local family business. Yanvi was very kind, helpful, friendly and informative. Just after my first adjustment I felt like I had much more energy and the pain I was experiencing has vanished. Can't wait to proceed with future adjustments and massages. I would recommend Dvora family chiropractic to everyone. I will leave another updated review further into my treatment. :)

Mary F. (College Park, MD) - 2/6/16

I've really enjoyed being treated by Dr. Dvora, and my massages by Robyn. The entire office is clean and the staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Dvora listens and takes time to get to know me and my specific concerns. Along with adjustments, I get newsletters and emails with suggested exercises and other tips and the communication for upcoming appointments is great. I definitely recommend Dvora Chiropractic.

Mauricio V. (Simi Valley, CA) - 2/10/16

Dr. Dvora is the best! He is really friendly and he knows what he's doing. The office is clean, organized, and is in a great location. He is currently helping me with my back after a car accident that I had and he certainly is doing the best he can. The receptionist (Marina) is also a great staff member, she is also really friendly and checks up on patients often to make sure they're alright. If I knew anyone who was in need of a chiropractor I would definitely recommend them here.

Mauricio V. (Simi Valley, CA) - 2/22/16

This office is amazing. Very professional, very clean, Dr. Dvora will fix you up. I was recommended here after a car accident that I had, I was weak and very tense but Dr.Dvora had helped me through it 100% of the way and I'm back to my normal routine again!

Frank T. (Simi Valley, CA) - 2/23/16

I recently moved to California and found it extremely difficult to manage my pain so I started to look for alternative ways to manage my disability. I finally found Dr. Dvora at Dvora Family Chiropractic. They have welcomed me and managed to assist me with my pain management. I would very likely recommend this practice to others in need.

Renee W. (Simi Valley, CA) - 3/14/16

Very friendly and welcoming! Takes their time and listens to my specific concerns. Definitely will go back to Dr. Dvora, thanks!

Teri P. (Simi Valley, CA) - 3/29/16

I love Dvora Chiropractic. I can always get in when needed and receive excellent care. It is comforting to know you are in good hands, will always receive a correct diagnosis, excellent treatment and are then able to resume life free of pain.

Ron S. (Valley Village, CA) - 4/4/16

I love going to Dvora Family Chiropractic for all my chiropractic needs. I am a very physically active individual. I suffered quite a few back, neck and shoulder injuries due to snowboarding and other recreational activities. I used to be in constant pain - almost all the time! The first day I came into Dr. Dvora's office I had immediate relief after my treatment. Dr. Dvora and his staff {Kaitlynn}are very pleasant and friendly and the office is beautifully decorated. I am so glad I found such a wonderful chiropractor that genuinely cares about his patients. I recommend Dvora Family Chiropractic to anyone looking to feel great! I also recommend his massage therapist Crystal as she is top notch. This is the place to go for a complete wellness care for any age or condition.

Vickie Z. (Acton, CA) - 4/15/16

This is the place to go for a complete wellness care for any age or condition.Dr. Dvora is the best, I was in a car accident and felt miserable for a couple of months, I'm finally feeling better thanks to Dr. Dvora's treatment and massage therapist Crystal.

Ashley O. (Simi Valley, CA) - 4/15/16

I found Dr. Dvora super last minute online after experiencing the worst neck and shoulder pain, I called the office and was able to get in the same day. He was very attentive, upbeat and knew exactly what needed to be done! I never want to go to anyone else ever again!!

Mike M. (Simi Valley, CA) - 4/16/16

I've been seeing Dr. Dvora since he took over Dr. Boland's practice - and I can only say the service, professionalism, atmosphere and attention as only gotten better.   I suffer from chronic neck and back pain from the typical lifetime of abuse we put ourselves through - and Dr Dvora's adjustments give me immediate relief.  What really sets Dr Dvora and his staff apart from my other experiences is their pleasant and personal attention.  In the years Ive been going there, I have gotten to know him more and more as a friend - instead of the typical small talk (if any) I encounter with other Doctors - we typically discuss whats new in our families, our children's new achievements, etc.  Kind of a nice throwback to what it used to be like - small-town attention in the big city :)  I highly recommend Dr Dvora!

John R. (San Rafael, CA) - 4/23/16

Been coming to this office for many years. When Dr. Dvora  took over, it was a painless transition and the level of care is still great. I highly recommend this office to anybody that has back issues. Dr Dvora takes care of any issues for me in in a way that does not have me screaming in pain. Indeed I always  come out of the office refreshed and ready to take on the world again. Yay!

Jason S. (Big Bear Lake, CA) - 5/16/16

I went in for an adjustment and made a friend.  I have back issues and Dr. Dvora did wonders for me.  The staff was friendly and courteous.  I will definitely go back again and highly recommend.

Fran D. (Simi Valley, CA) - 5/20/16

Awesome massage.  Very clean. So relaxing.  Can't wait for my next  massage.  Going to recommend it to all my friends.

Monica D. (Simi Valley, CA) - 5/25/16

I spent all of last weekend with back and neck pain, so on Monday morning I decided to look into seeing a chiropractor.  I checked Yelp and based on reviews decided to call Dr. Dvora's office.  They were able to see me right away, so got in my car and headed there!  From the moment I walked in, it was great!!  The office staff is personable and had my paperwork ready!  I saw Dr Dvora and told him about my weekend & lack of sleep due to the pain.  He adjusted my neck (never had that done) and back.  Wow!  Then I got on a heated table with a roller which was relaxing and helped!  I left without a stiff neck or back and it's been getting better by the day.  Also, to my surprise i check my email and he sent me stretching videos to help with the back and neck pain and I've been doing them every night.  :). Definitely recommend & will be back!!

Also, I saw Crystal for a massage (she's right there in the office) and she's awesome!!!

Ron S. (Los Angeles, CA) - 5/25/16

I like coming here to Dvora Family Chiropractic. These last couple of weeks have been pretty brutal on my back as I have been out of town to two separate locations. I woke up this morning and my back felt horrible! Luckily I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Dvora for both a chiropractic treatment as well as a massage visit with Carissa. In addition to having such a wonderful bedside manner Dr. Dvora has several tricks that he knows how to take care of your back pain. Carissa definitely has the magic touch. If you haven't tried out either Dr. Dvora or Carissa you really ought to give them a chance.

Natasha W. (Encino, CA) - 5/28/16

I have been to several places for back adjustments and professional massages SO I KNOW QUALITY... I was very highly pleased with the Dvora Family chiropractic team. Lately I have been in intense pain from  my pregnancy, since I am also 32 weeks pregnant. I have overall back, and sciatic pain as well as insomnia. After a wonderful 60 min. massage with Carissa, my back felt renewed again. My pain, pressure and tension have been released! I was able to sleep in such peace!!! Thank you Dvora Family Chiropractic, Carissa is highly recommended.

Irit D. (Los Angeles, CA) - 5/28/16

I was referred by several people who have told me about Dr. Dvora. I decided to book a session and will soon have my back adjusted as well, because after the massage session I am so much more relaxed. I was able to meet with and talk with the office staff. The woman who worked on me, Carissa has amazing hands. I instantly felt so much better after the massage. Carissa has great techniques. I would really recommend going to Dr. Dvora.

Brandie R. (Agoura Hills, CA) - 6/13/16

Love this place! Always leave feeling like a new woman. And it's so friendly and warm. Never have I had a bad experience here!

Dylan R. (Moorpark, CA) - 6/17/16

Very good place! I love it, my fiancé and i went in for treatment after accident and we're feeling better then ever. Thank you to the staff

Janis N. (Chatsworth, CA) - 6/24/16

My husband and I have been a patient of Dr. Dvora for years. Dr. Dvora is very professional and he cares about his patient. The moment you walked in to the office they will accommodate you and immediately you'll feel at ease. Come to his office and you won't regret it. It could be the best decision you've ever made.

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